Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't worry dad . . .

. . . he's all boy.

From summer 08
My dad has an issue with Wally's hair - so do lots of people, and to each I say, go get your own hair cut if you have such strong opinions on hair. But while he's mine, and the curls are so yummy peeking out from under his baseball cap, I'm saving the money on haircuts for the kid's first surfboard.
From don't worry dad

When we went to the doctor for his 3 year checkup, Wally refused to talk. He just shook or nodded his head and gave his notoriously evil eye to the Doctor.

Doc - What's your name?
Wally - evil eye
Doc - Walter?
Wally - shook his head and more evil eye
Doc - Waldorf? Is your name Waldorf?
Wally - doesn't even bother to shake his head, offers condescending AND evil eye

This went on as she went through Wally's name and age and whether he could kick a ball or count or dress himself. But when she got to the primo question, he perked up:

Doc - Are you a boy or a girl?
Before she got the word out Wally piped up loud and clear "BOY!"
From don't worry dad
Other boy funnies this week:

Mel to Stevie - who'd you choose to sit by for snack today?
Stevie - Ashley
Mel - Oh, is Ashley nice? Do you like her?
Stevie - Ya, I like the way she looks.
Mel - laughing too hard to give the feminist talk to Stevie about judging girls
by their looks - it can wait.
From don't worry dad

Stevie to Randy - Dad, did you know that a potty word is also a letter?
Randy - Yep, I knew that.
Stevie (takes another bite of dinner and gets a big grin on his face) Coooooool!
Mel - Ewwwwwww